IVAN - I Need a new Cable Ribbon. Why did you close the thread?

Somehow you got confused,

I have checked the Cable and that is the Problem ,

I was able to use a Friends Cable and that is how I confirmed that I need a New Cable Ribbon.

Please send me another Cable Ribbon.

I need one as soon as possible. Thank you.

If you read what @Ivan wrote, you’ll have your answer:

“I’ll be in touch with you very soon via email to sort out the details of getting a replacement out to you.”


I confused him, I was using a friends Cable ribbon to check my machine and that is the Problem.
So i need an invoice for both ribbons that would be fine. Thank you.

Hi I never got my email or invoice , please send that to me so i can get this ribbon. Thank you.

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Please I am still waiting for my Invoice : Do you need me to post my address on here : ?

Nooo… don’t post your address in here. Sit tight and wait for them to respond and check your email.

They said they needed my address and phone number in order to send out the Invoice .

That was the last thing I herd from them and now nothing. I need that Ribbon. UGH

They aren’t known for being “speedy”. Just have to wait. Opening this thread creates a ticket. Your email also opened a ticket. Multiple tickets can also slow things down.

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My problem is that : I got an email asking for my address to send the invoice to and than I have not herd anything else. I Need this so bad right now.

I assume you responded to that email with the information. When was this? You can likely assume that the weekend also delays things a bit. Regardless, they will eventually circle around to this thread as well on the off chance that they dropped the ball on the email you sent.

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So your saying that WAS A BOT RESPONSE, not a person ?

Chill, dude. He’s saying it was the weekend. You’re just making it worse by opening multiple tickets. They’ll get to you. Breathe.


No one needs to swear at me,

I am concerned that I never got the Invoice and that the Previous Thread was closed.

I am frustrated that it needs to be so difficult to get an invoice .

They usually close the thread when they are communicating with you via email.

When they are in direct communication with you, they don’t need the public forum communication anymore (thus closing the thread).

Opening more threads (and thus more tickets) just causes more work for them. They have to reconcile each one, sometimes duplicating effort or causing confusion, and it just makes the whole process take even longer.


I sincerely apologize for the confusion.

I have just followed up by email with your invoice. We’ll continue to work on this through email, so this post will be closed.