Jamming with the glowforge


I haven’t been on the forum because of being busy lately. But I thought I would share my latest creation. I wanted to make a enclosure. After a long time of making and adjusting my file on inkscape. I came up with this bluetooth stereo version 1.0. I still have some changes I want to make on the next version.


Cool! ( Very retro!) :sunglasses::+1:




Beautiful, functional work.


Diggin’ on the brass hardware and embedded fasteners. :sunglasses: Nice work!


I can tell you put a lot of thought into the design. Make sure to share your next iteration!


This is gorgeous! I have plans to do a couple of tiny MP3 players made of wood, but this is something very beautifully designed and executed.


That’s one of the best designs I’ve seen on this forum, and that’s saying a lot!


A most excellent use of the living hinge idea and really gorgeous wood.


When I get time I will try to get a svg blank version of this enclosure put on the forum so you can put any thing you want mounted in the front , back, top or bottom. This project was good practice on sizing and putting in dimensions on inkscape. My next project is going to be tool box with internal finger joints. Hopefully I will have it done this weekend. Dog gone work keeps me from having fun with my glowforge :slight_smile:


So this was designed in Inkscape? Not F360??? Nice job!!!


Love it. Did you use the score function for the nut holds and threads (anyone know a better way to describe them)?


I like the screw and nut solution for the bottom.


All is cut and engrave.


Yes node by node .:slight_smile:


It is cut from 3 mm baltic birch sheets on ebay. I hand stained it then in a day or so sprayed a clear coat on. I thought I might try some of the paint that looks like stone on this wood for a project next time.


Thank you:):smiley:




Here is the one I made. I really liked getting to see your design.


Oh that one is really awesome too! (You guys are inspiring me - i actually picked up a speaker kit on Saturday…need to just decide what to do with it.) :grinning::+1: