Jamming with the glowforge



Wow! A good friend was raising money to live after her husband died and a whole lot of speakers and other electronics was in the pile. I was far more concerned that she have the money than that I had the stuff, so have only vaguely looked through it but there are a lot of speakers of various sort in the collection.


Very, very nice!


Very nice work, indeed.

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That’s a cool design. Are those 1 or 2 inch speakers and where did you find them? Most of the small speakers I have used lately came out of old electronic at goodwill. It hard to get good ones sometimes. :):smiley:

Wow were did you find this old pictures of me? I used to jam when I was younger.:):laughing:

Dude, did you not hear? This is from a documentary, which I think is like set in Australia or something where the people have basically cars and race around a desert going pew pew pew, but without lasers. Think it had something to do with someone stealing someone’s parking space or a sandwich. Yeah pretty sure it was a sandwich. I think it was called “Weekend at Crazy Dave’s”. Can’t believe you were in it. You’re like proper famous. Can I have a selfie? Oh no wait, scratch that, asking people for things when they haven’t offered is against forum rules!


They are 2" speakers that I got from Deal extreme (DX.com). The front panel came from aliexpress.com. I recommend getting the speakers from aliexpress because they ship much faster. Speakers should cost about $3 each. The amplifier board is a 3 watt board and is about the size of a postage stamp. It costs around a dollar. This was a fun project. I used the Round box generator (https://www.festi.info/boxes.py/RoundedBox) and cut off the tabs on the edges. I engraved a slot for the front and back panels to fit into. I just used the tabs on the bottom to hold it together, there are no screws. That way I can easily get back into it.


Thanks for the info. The PAM stereo board is what used. Dang things are hard to see to soldier. Thanks again for the info

Good one.:):grin:

Oh, very nice! Really love the grain on this piece.

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Had to try out the round box site. It makes designing something up quicker. After checking it out by making a box with cardboard. I decided I needed a pencil holder for work. I did not have to glue it which is great.

Thank again


Cool! :grinning:

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That is great!!! I love the curved sides and the way you incorporated the engraving and piercing along with the careful placement of joints and hardware. Really nice work!!

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Very nice!

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If someone wants a similar file to start with, I found one over on instructables.


Wow, those fasteners. Steal… :wink: Great work.

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You can do these type fasteners on the boxmaker site.

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I love this design. It kind of reminds me of all the CB doodads my grandpa had in his truck. I kinda want to put this in my car.

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your right, I just noticed that it looks like something made by Tandy (RadioShack) from the 70’s or 80’s. you could make this big enough to mount one of those old CB radio’s or scanner. That would be a cool project.