Jigs inside GF?

So, I have thinking of ways to get angled cuts done on the GF. I was thinking of making something that holds the material at different degrees while being cut. Would this work? Autofocus etc…

there is an interesting discussion of this here: Angled cuts via engraving

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You could only angle cut a single straight line, the cut line would have to be within the 1/2" focus of the laser, and you have to worry about some moving part hitting the high side unless you were always cutting near the material edge.

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Or making the opposite side <0.5inch which is not ideal to have as clearance. The hypotenuse would be dependant on your cut angle. Wouldn’t be a fan of say 45/60 degrees. But as mentioned before a cnc router or some kind of saw would be best finish each piece but I guess not ideal if you are doing many pieces/side

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Resurrecting this a little bit. I read this page and the other link (and another linked from there). So I think I really have my answer. So here goes.

(For arguments sake) I want to cut an angled slot in to a piece of (sheet) acrylic. From what I’m reading the height difference from the lowest side of the slot to the highest side of the slot is ideally 0.5". However, it might be possible to do more if I don’t mind suffering increased kerf width and/or loss of accuracy. The second constraint is that it must fit entirely under the moving parts or risk being moved by the head.

Does that sound about right?

Yes, with an addition. If you remove the crumb tray you will have 1.5" to work with. Still keeping in mind that the top edge of the material has to be up within the original 0.5" focus-able point. It also may be more than just kerf. The power may (don’t know) drop off significantly enough to decrease power/ depth of cut as you move out of focus…