Job fails every time

A very simple job (not on actual proofgrade, but I set it for proofgrade acrylic) with the “An error occurred”
lori injury (5.9 KB)

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As a point of explanation for the tag, my wife’s day at the animal hospital pretty much looks like this:


And there is a whiteboard above her desk with “xx days since last injury” so I thought a name tag permanently 0 (since the whiteboard always is 0) would be funny. It is 2 layer acrylic so that’s why there is two layers of text so I can do the cleanup pass…


As a former safety guy, I had to chuckle at the 0 days since.

Just looking through the file, I can see quite a bit that needs to be cleaned up but don’t know if that’s what is causing your job failures.

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I tried loading your file with some minor changes, and I don’t even get the ‘error occurred while printing’ message. The ‘Preparing Print’ dialog just disappears with no message.

With my version of the file (created by using the Export As function in Illustrator using @chris1’s recommended settings), everything works except the last two Engrave steps. As soon as I include those, the job seems to fail.

lori injury (5.6 KB)

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With this version of the file, the job will fail to prepare if the last two operations (the underscore under the zero) are set to engrave. It will successfully prepare if those last two operations are a cut or a score. NOTE: As I mentioned above, I do not get the error; the dialog just disappears.

lori injury (5.9 KB)

This version of the file should work:

lori injury (5.9 KB)

I found that the underscore is a single stroke, not a closed path. I used Illustrator to convert it to Outline Stroke and it appears to work.


Oh, thanks. See this is where intelligent error messages would have been super helpful. Didn’t realize you couldn’t simply engrave a line. (didn’t know what score would do on a 2 layer acrylic - I guess we will find out!)

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I haven’t tried that yet. Let us know how it goes?

Thanks @jbpa for spotting the error…


Thanks @jbpa for the insight, and @henryhbk for the feedback and the humor!