Job keeps stopping halfway through

My “print” job keeps stopping partway through engraving a particular element. The element is a PNG. What’s going on? It’s the print job that that I’ve been waiting to finish for the last hour. Is there something wrong with the file? …the GF? …the cloud service?


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Can’t speak to the file or your unit, I’ve been running jobs most of the night and seems to be good on the cloud end.

Any particular behavior that it’s exhibiing when it quits? Any status reports in the UI, button color changes, etc.?

Have you watched the red preview before you hit the print button to see what it’s getting instructions for?

nothing obvious. Looks as though it just was done. I just restarted at Draft quality and it’s moving right through the stopping point. That’s after two tries at SD. That it works in Draft quality makes me think it’s not the file. Since it’s a PNG that it’s processing for that section, it’s not a vector file issue.

(can I use any more "that"s?)

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UGH. Just quit again.

It just ends as though it was done with the job. Laser head returns to home base with white button. Then when it’s in place, the button blinks white and goes out. No GFUI warnings or other colored lights. no funny noises.

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It’s broken because it’s the Packers. :wink: Maybe they have some Seahawkssparrow bias going on over there at GFHQ.

Is it just a PNG or a PNG embedded within an SVG? If you want to post it here, I can take a look at it after this engrave is finished. I’m almost all out of material though so I can’t run a print of it - long day of forging Christmas presents lol. I’m assuming no elements anywhere outside of the engrave area/hatchmarks?


It doesn’t like my clipping masks in the SVG, so I just saved out as a pure PNG from Illustrator.

I went through the issues with the engrave zone vs the cut/score zone earlier in the evening. It won’t try to print at all if it’s out of the zone.

Must be a memory overload. I’ll restart the forge, but I’m worried about the file registration being off afterwards.

Thanks for the help. I’ll just have to give my brother an earlier version that printed fine, but had some typos.

…and YES, it could be some Seahawk thing, but with the year we’ve had… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

OK…now this is getting freaky. This just happened with the Gift of Good Measure.

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Did you rotate any bitmaps?

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Not in the GFUI. :frowning_face:

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It should be irrelevant if saved back as a png. I had wondered the same thing until I saw that.

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The only thing I have to do with the PNG in GFUI is to scale it and move it.

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@Rita - I successfully cut the Gift of Good Measure this morning. YEAH!!

  1. Fiddling with the interlock and front door prompted success.
  2. Whatever system issues - cloud or otherwise - were resolved with lighter traffic this AM or someone fixed a stalled process.
  3. Gremlins

I’ll see later whether I can run my large, 2-hour job and have it finish. …but, I have gifts to exchange this AM. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for the help yesterday on a holiday no less! Fabulous service. GO @GLOWFORGE!!!


Excellent! Please let us know if this recurs.

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