Joining acrylic to wood coasters

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I have a current project of making coasters of the different places I live. Engraved in wood (3mm). But I don’t want the wood alone to be the coaster surface since they will be subject to humidity/ spill and condensation, so I thought of putting an acrylic sheet over it. But I don’t know how to join them.
I tried screws/ nut and bolt but the smallest are too long for this setup / the nut would neet to scrap on the surface (not optimal for a coaster).
I thought of going faces, but both the glue is en issue and it could be seen from the face.
So I was thinking of adding an edge trim/ band of adhesive around the edge to both finish it but also to join the two surfaces. But I don’t know what to use. Any recommendation?

Also open to other ideas. I did think of dowel through both, but not convinced.

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I’ve made many out of just wood. I spray them with clear lacquer after engraving.


I have had similar situations with not wanting the glue to show through the top acrylic, so did something like you suggest here. I would just go ahead and glue the acryiic sheet on the top…but only using glue around the edges, then add a trim finish / band on top of that to hide the glued part.


Hi but what material for the band? and would it risk squeeze in by capilarity?

I think of it also, but I have used it in the past and the bottom of the mugs stick to the lacquer, mostly is the container is hot…

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I would just use the same type of wood as the engraved coaster…a narrow band around the top.

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Or you can laquer your wood, and glue the acrylic to the bottom. I personally like to add cork to the bottom to catch any run-off liquid and condensation.

Like with these coasters, i tried a variety of things. Acrylic on top, wood in the middle, cork on bottom. Also acrylic in the middle and cork on the bottom.

I think acrylic on top, i put 3M double sided tape on my wood pieces before cutting, then pressed everything together during assembly. But if you can get the 3m perfect on application, there is a chance it’ll show through the acrylic.


But aren’t they quite thick? I was planning more toward 6mm total. But double sided tape could work. I have some for archival book binding.

My coasters were about 6mm. The wood and acrylic i used were about 3mm each. The cork i used was extremely thin and i bought it in sheets that i cut in the glowforge. It didn’t add very much to the height. Maybe 1-2mm. So with just the wood and cork, it wouldn’t be 6mm, and you can probably apply the cork before cutting.


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