Journal part 2

So, I kept iterating on the leather journal I was making for my friend. I was able to grab a picture of one of her favorite artworks with my phone, then used that to etch it into the leather.

Then I got some leather dye to get it into some other shade than nude vegtan color :slight_smile: This was my first ever attempt at dying leather. It was hard to get an even coat, but I kind of liked the distressed look of uneven dye better anyhow.

It looked pretty decent once I had a book in it.

Still, we wanted to try it in some nicer leather so I went off to tandy for some oiled leather and started cutting out sections to fit the laser bed.

I had no issues cutting out the pieces for the cover.

Then, after doing some additional touchup to remove the ruled lines from her artwork picture I went to etch it into the back of the cover. Since it’s not proofgrade, I used a piece of copy paper and some Krylon Easy-Tack to stick it to the leather while I etched it. I like it because it feels like a big post-it note with that adhesive so it’s easy to remove.

I sewed the parts together and she was one happy camper. It feels great and should last her many years :slight_smile:


Cool project! I should totally make something like that for my daughters. Composition notebook covers…
Nice work :grinning:


That looks great!

Interesting - my tests with oil tan leather resulted in smouldering burns. I guess not all oil tan is created equal.


Awesome job @macphee I really can’t wait to make some Journal covers. Both of the types of leathers turned out beautiful.


My sister would really go for that - she’s very big into hand sewn leather anything! Chuckle! (Journal covers especially desirable.)


I had cemented in my mind that oil-tanned leather was going to create a “hot mess” and was sooooo excited to see you create such a beautiful and successful project from it. Amazing!


Totally, there are too many processes and too many chemicals that vary in quality as well as the mixing of procedures such as doing a chrome tan and finishing up with a veg tan. This is definitely reassuring for me!


I know what you mean! Super excited. I have mainly Veg tanned leather but I also have some Oil tanned. I am hopeful that I might be able to do some simple things with it at least.

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Very nice. I’m really looking forward to doing some leather work.

My wallet is holding on by a thread at the moment, but i refuse to buy a new one since i’ll be able to make my own soon.


Now to find someone brave enough to try latigo.

At first I thought you meant “after buying the GF I have no money to do any leather work” then realized you probably literally meant "my wallet is hanging together by just a thread, and I need to cut a new one…" :grin:


My wallet at this point is simply destroyed. I am NOT getting a new one until I can make it on my GLOWFORGE!!!


I’m right there with you :smile:


Just FYI, apply the dye with a small circular motion and work methodically across the material if you want an even cover. My favorite is using jeweler’s rouge and an oil stain, gives a nice texture to the coloring.


I wonder how big the pile of dead wallets would be with so many of us waiting to try out making one.


Hi! I use latigo leather for cutting and engraving. Not to self promote but you can see it on Instagram at @derbyvixen or my Etsy shop at Let me know if you have any questions about using latigo and I’d be happy to help!