It's not a diary, it's a journal!

I have a friend who has been wanting to make a standard sized leather journal cover. Luckily for her, so was I :slight_smile: She had had one before and I liked the simple design of a tri-fold type cover with some room for pencils/pens. I also wanted room for an eraser or mechanical pencil lead holder type objects. I roughed out a design on paper first to think through the dimensions.

The dimensions felt about right. One issue I was running into was that I couldn’t get a long enough strip to really do all the wrap around I was wanting, so I had an alternate solution that involved using a separate cut that would overlay the end and the dimensions for that variant would all fit on the Glowforge fine. So, next was cutting time.

At this point it was tempting to strap this onto my face and run around with a chainsaw, but I had to press on ;). I cut the back wrap and laid it all out to make sure the pieces still looked like they were going to work.

So far so good. The tolerances are a bit tight, but it looks like it will fit. I’d previously found a small scrap of the 2-3 oz leather and tested it on our sewing machine and found that I could sew through two layers OK. So, off to the sewing room I went with my pieces of leather.

I was pleased to find it was even able to get through the one section I had that was 3 layers thick. I got a length of shock cord to run through the end section so I could hold it closed and used a cinch lock to make for easy adjustment.

Now I just need to figure out what I want to etch on the cover :slight_smile:


“Happy dead guy journal cover”. Nice.


Oh man, that gave me a hearty laugh!


yeah, if I wrap that last bit around the other way maybe I can pass it off as the necronomicon from Evil Dead 2 :slight_smile:


These are journals. :smile:


Nice design! Can’t wait to see it engraved!

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This gave me a good laugh! Thanks @markevans36301!


Love it!

But those are a little harder to do on a GF. :smiley:

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