Journey to the center ruler


If you like rulers and liked my international ruler, then you might like this centre-line based ruler.

Unfortunately, this time I won’t be providing OpenSCAD code to go with it, just the finished SVG.


  • sub-inch 1/32th marks
  • cut logo, rather than engraved… so now you can admire the accuracy of cuts, or pop the logo out to hang it on a nail!*

(*) I haven’t tried that last part yet. But it’s a good idea, no? :smile:

:link: Download Link

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 15th, 2017

Awesome, thanks!


Super sweeeeeeeeeeeet! :grin: :+1:

(Going to print one promptly.)


I’m kind of waiting for some friendly but rabid Glowforge lawyer to burst in and start clubbing me over the unsanctioned use of the logo hole… :smiley:


Love it!!


When I first got the prerelease and did the founders ruler, I went insane over the cutout of the logo. I just kept looking at it and showing it to people. I carried it with me to demonstrate how precise the laser worked. I ended up making earings out of something like it.


Ha! Yeah, I remember the earrings. But this is more manly! You can stick it in your shirt pocket and have the Glowforge logo sticking out on a stick. Heh.


This is awesome. I bet that in a year we will need an index of rulers.



Did they cut?


Ahhh, maple. The Canadian wood. I approve. :laughing:


Yep! The cut is underneath the pink. :relaxed:

(I switched the engrave to score though, to speed it up, and they scored a little too deep, so I’ll need to recut them.)


Not sure how to download that. The link gives me the image of it, but no options. :no_mouth:


Right-click on the link, Save Link As… should work.


Yep. Thanks Dan! Give me something to remember you by. :grin:


Much better the second time around! :grinning: