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I’m trying to make a puzzle. upload the photo then and svg cut file. size is a little more than 50% of large proofgrade sheet.
Every time I try to print it won’t go through. I guess I have to rezize the photo. I don’t want to de-grade the image quality. I try’d resizing the whole puzzle down in the app. it would render but, thats not the size I want

after about three plus hours on this project. I give up

by the way, I have tried every kind of image file there is

Two places large files can trip up the app right now. First is uploading something hard to process for example very large in terms of bytes. The other place is the stepper instructions are too big for the Glowforge’s buffer to do in one go.

If your design uploads ok, but it fails when you click print, the problem is the latter (buffer overflow). One day they’ll automatically chunk the job into multiple buffer size chunks, but today it just fails and you really only have two options:

Lower the LPI. You’d be surprised how good 225 LPI looks and it prints much faster.

Chop the image into pieces and ignore all but one, print, ignore that one, unignore another one, print, wash, rinse, repeat.

There are tutorials in tips and tricks in this forum.


Luckily a puzzle is an easy file to section, each color is a separate operation in the user interface. For example half the puzzle with a blue stroke and half with red, and like Mark said ignore one half and do the other. Or three colors, or four depending on how big the file is.

We’ve got a tutorial on a method for splitting them here:

It’s been tested a few times by one of the guys who sells puzzles. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for reaching out. I’m so sorry for the trouble.

There’s a problem with our software in handling very large engraves and it looks like that what’s happening here. Your message will help us improve our software for everyone.

If your design includes a large engrave, you have two choices. You can reduce the size of your print in the app by signing in, selecting your file, clicking on your image, and then dragging a corner towards the center of the image to make it smaller. Or you can divide your image into pieces and print them one at a time, as shown below.

Split your image into pieces

  1. Save your design as a PNG file
  2. Go to and upload your file
  3. Click on the “SPLIT IMAGE” tab and enter the number of rows and columns you want to split your image into
  4. Choose PNG
  5. Click the blue “SPLIT IMAGE” button. The software will split your image into the number of rows and columns you specify and automatically download a zipped file of the pieces.

Create a single file with all the pieces

  1. Locate the file on your computer (where your downloads go) and unzip it
  • Mac: Double click on the file to open it
  • Windows: Double click on the file to open it, then click “Extract All”
  1. Open a new file in Inkscape (used for this example, although other software will work too)
  2. Choose File > Import and select all the images from the zip file
  3. Line up the images up so they are seamless. In Inkscape, when you drag the images near each other, they will snap together. (If they don’t, go to View > Show/Hide > Snap Controls Bar and adjust the settings.)
  4. Select File > Save As and save the file as an Inkscape SVG file

Upload and Print

  1. Sign in to, click “Upload” and choose the file you saved. Each piece of artwork will import as a step in the app. Click on a step and choose “Ignore.” Ignore all the steps but one, and then press “Print.”
  2. When that print finishes, leave your material in place
  3. Set the step you printed to “Ignore” and print another step
  4. Continue ignoring and printing until you’ve finished
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It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email