JPG to SVG Converter

I’m trying to convert a logo JPG that I was given to SVG but have been unsuccessful. Can someone provide a good svg converter or contact for someone who can convert. Thank you.

Do you need to vectorize it for cutting/scoring or are you planning to engrave?

(SVG is just a container file type that can have both and a jpg engraves just fine as is)


What software are you using?


Presuming you mean vector .svg, I find’s Trace Bitmap feature to do a really nice job. If it’s a multicolour logo you’ll need to separate out the colours before tracing them, and then fit them back together once they’re vectors.


I have used that feature too.

There are youtube vids on just about any function on Inkscape. Hopefully, @jmorales129 can locate one and get to work. :slight_smile:


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