July '22 Update

Thread for the discussion of the latest update:


I saw the IKEA hack and reminded me to post my Cocktail Bar Set.


Not just any metal, but metal metal! I guess that makes sense with all the head banging…


Looking forward to Autofocuser Day on August 16th - interested to see how what difference it ends up making for me.


Woa. I might just have to snag a Pro at this price.


too bad I didn’t buy that lottery ticket :slight_smile:


Am I stupid or did I just miss what the “new auto focuser” actually does? As for mechanical probing, it in many ways is more useful in doing more than just focus as you can probe around a part (like my Tormach does to find the center of a part or the point of a corner) and certainly for machines that change their tools it’s a great way to re-measure the length. The new Prusa XL has a load-cell based touch probe in the nozzle (well it is the nozzle) after a tool change (and uses the same load cell to monitor pressure of the extrusion against the build plate to compensate for non-flatness and differences in each tool holder.

But clearly for a laser without anything to touch that doesn’t work. They could have put a touch probe on the side of the head to touch off a load cell (nowadays you’d probably use a BLTouch probe which retracts or inductive like the SuperPinda probe on the prusa on a known zero-reference surface and then the work piece.

Using a laser is nice for surfaces that don’t distort or reflect weirdly (which is where mechanical has the advantage) but on delicate things like a gel (or food) non-contact is better.


Hmm, I wish I was able to buy a Pro!
The next thing I’d like to see would be folders or some kind of organization on the dashboard. I have so many files now I can’t remember enough to search for them!

You didn’t get me one either!

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Nope, I missed what the new part was of the autofocus too? He said how it currently works, and then that they’d be testing the new way, but not what the new way was?

Printing today and yesterday is going really well, @dan . Nice work on the autofocus!

I love how everything looks when it’s in the organizer.

Thank you, I will pass it along to the team!

I thought the Pro (and Plus) had a 24 month warranty?

No, 12. Always been that.

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Just noticed it’s different in the UK. There are perks to being a UK owner after all! :sweat_smile:


Interesting. Always been 12 here.


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