Jumped on tile wagon

Third project I’ve done with glowforge. Used black sharpie and silver sharpie. Will try other options to get the color to pop better.


:heart: the designs, especially Don Quixote

I found with the Sharpie that leaving it to truly dry before cleaning was important…haaard…but important :stuck_out_tongue:


I think that is an American Indian, not Don Quixote, but I agree it is a nice image.


That is called “The End of the Trail”. It is a pretty popular image here in the West.



I actually like the uneven finish, so I say roll with it.

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Oh yeah - I’ve actually seen that before, but I clearly have a Don Quixote slant to my brain :slight_smile:


Update: tried again 1000, full power and 450 lpi. Came out much blacker this time.
Your right it is " The End of the Trail" design.
I kinda like the grayed out one too.
The silver on the tree of life, didnt work so well but trying again the with new settings.

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Tile is SO satisfying!

I’m going to move this over to Beyond the Manual so we don’t have to lose the settings. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip! I think I cleaned a little early, lol…

So, are you engraving on a blank white tile, then going back and coloring it in with marker?

Yes. It’s a 4x4 ceramic tile, engraved and then colored with a black sharpie. I let it sit for about 30 minutes then scrubbed/wiped off.

That’s what I thought, just wanted to clarify. I have only tried tile a couple times now, but I spray painted the tile black first, then engraved an inverted image on the tile. I’ll have to give this method a go as well! Thanks


That’s my next try is painting the tile then etching, it takes alot of careful elbow grease to get the marker off. A mr. Clean scrubby seems to work best so far.

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FYI - you can get bulk purchases of those melamine sponges off Amazon for like $6 for 100 (WAY cheaper than Mr. Clean, exactly the same material) :slight_smile:


what a great idea! Thanks for the tip, I was not looking forward to the expense of the Mr. Clean!

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Tiles are fun!

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Does anyone have settings for Glowforge Basic and these $0.16 tiles from Home Depot? I just bought a few to play with.

A simple search will reward your efforts. For example, Etching Tile

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I see settings for Pro. I guess my question is do settings for Pro work the same for Basic? Also, the tile isn’t too reflective? I did a tile yesterday but held my breath for 20 minutes while the laser did its thing. I couldn’t even look into the GFthe laser reflection was so bright. I was convinced I was killing the GF. I did full power, two passes, 1000 speed. It’s not “my” machine so I have people to answer to if something goes wrong. Thanks so much for the help!