Just a little paper work



Here’s a couple of paper embellishments I made to use on cards. I really like how they look like pieces of metal wire. I used Oracal 352 gold polyester film applied to heavy weight card stock, then cut using settings you can find all over here for cutting card stock.

I didn’t mask it before cutting, but should have, as it was difficult to clean off some of the gooey residue with alcohol wipes. Oh, forgot to mention that I passed the card stock through my Xyron to apply dry adhesive to the back before cutting, so these are actually stickers.


Holy cow! Those are paper? They really do look like wire! :grinning:


Wow! Nice looking embellishments!


Not only are they really cool looking and delicate, they’re also stickers? STICKERS?! Are you kidding me? That is awesome!


Excellent embellishments! Oracal 352 is starting to call my name!




Thank you for the link @cynd11 , I think you have just solved another problem for me.

I guess you’ve distressed the surface. Care to share what medium sticks to the surface to give that effect ?


Seeing delicate, intricate paper cuts is probably one of the things that makes me most exited. Of course, it’s nice to see acrylic projects and wood boxes and all that, but I’m all about the paper and thin wood.

Thanks so much for posting this! The result is super nice.

Side note, an I seeing things, or is there overlap shading where the “wire” crosses itself?


Don’t rush out and buy it just yet. Just check your mail tomorrow (or maybe Tuesday) :wink:.

I didn’t distress the surface, what you are seeing is due to my failure to mask.


!!! xx


Just corner burning because I didn’t mask it. It just works out to look like I did it on purpose!


Oh, it really does! That really makes it look like a twisting wire. What a happy, fortunate accident :smile:


Looks like I need a Xyron now too.


@GrooveStranger you don’t have to have a Xyron to do this; you can buy mounting adhesive in rolls or in pads of sheets that you can apply by hand with either a brayer or a squeegee. I use it all the time for mounting photos. I have a roll of PMA made by 3M, and a pad of sheets made by Studio Tac (it looks like the brand I have may have been discontinued, but this is essentially the same stuff). Very handy to have around!

We had a Xyron when I worked at an ad agency, and they do make application easier if you have a large volume of prints to mount, but for odd jobs I wouldn’t feel the need to buy one and find space for it.


Yep! That 3M stuff is what I use for large sheets. The little (5") Xyron is really handy for small things though. Very quick. You can get them at Michaels with a 40% off coupon pretty cheap.


I had no idea they made them that small! The one I used was big enough to mount 11x17 design comps, and I could crank through a 25-board presentation in nothing flat with it. Definitely easier than hand cutting and applying.


Many things bookmarked, thanks everyone.




Is the polyester film vinyl, like other Oracle? I am a papercrafter also.


No, polyester contains no chlorine, and is perfectly safe for lasering.
Edit sorry, bit quick off the mark. I assume that you use the word ‘vinyl’ in the sense of PVC(nasty, and do be avoided at all costs.)