Just a little puzzle

I’ve been fighting with a sinus infection that has basically ruined my productivity for January. Just clawing my way out and felt good enough to do something but nothing tough. So I made a little puzzle. I like Penrose Tiles and want to dive into more complex stuff (looking hard at all those cool fractal puzzles some of you are trying) so for now I gave myself this achievable project.
Made the design in Inkscape, found a good work around for dealing with the double-cut jigsaw conundrum, and cut it out of cheap, non-proofgrade 1/8" baltic birch.

Gave me good things to think about for when I try again on something more complex and nicer. The nodes of the lines had some unwanted burn through when scoring, and I’m playing with an idea to do a reverse cut so the kerf helps the pieces slip into place easier.

All in all, a nice diversion that took my mind off the crud in my sinuses and let me feel like a maker again for the first time in weeks.


Nice project, and welcome back to health! :sunglasses:


Thank you! Welcome me in a couple days, still have about 20% of this mess in me. :mask:

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Yeah, I just shook one off, took maybe 3 boxes of Kleenex… But once you feel your old self emerging, man it feels good to care again if you live or not!


Ugh! Me three, and I’m tired of bouncing into walls…my balance is so off. (There must be something blowing in with the cold fronts down here. It’s been going on all month.) Hope it clears up quickly for you guys. Winter sucketh sometimes.

Great looking puzzle!


Thank you! I now have my Primary Care, his Nurse Practitioner, a brand new ENT, and my long-time Alergist all working on this. I’ve told them I will literally call them just to whine at them every day until I feel better. They all seem very motivated.

Hope EVERYONE feels better soon.


Two words: Neti pot!

Two other words: Great puzzle!

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A great thing to design to as well…


First off, nice puzzle.

Caveat Neti!

Harsh news story about one really bad luck case with neti pots. It’s kinda gnarly so I’ll spoiler it. Kiiinda off topic.


Very useful, but be sure to use filtered/sterilized water. Tap Water and Neti Pot

I’m on cistern water so highly cognisant, but stateside we are so used to proper public water and then Michigan happened.

I Love the puzzle! I’ve considered printing solutions or engraving the back with another picture… Thoughts?

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Yes! I use a rinse system like this but I only use distilled water and always microwave disinfect it after every use. Thats some scary stuff.

Thank you!!
Yes, I’ve been giving some thought on how to keep a solution handy. This one only has a few pieces so it’s not too bad to figure out but I expect the next one will need something. I like the idea of a solution on the back. For this experiment, the grid design engraving in the base ended up having some pinhole burnthroughs at the nodes (not at all unexpected, was totally guessing on the settings) so the back is a bit messy. Good thoughts for next time.

Okay, I guess being American and all, I should have used 3 words: Neti pot RESPONSIBLY.

I still fall into that old trap of expecting people to read directions and observe warning labels and stuff! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

All that said, I used to have sinus infections at least 2-3 times per year. Since I started using a neti pot when I start having sinus symptoms, I haven’t had another one (going on 10 years now).

(Sorry for the thread hijaack – nurses gotta nurse!)


I love this puzzle! It’s such a nice clean design. Maybe for the solution you could keep the pieces in a drawstring bag, and put a photo of the solution in one of those luggage tags that hides the address (I think there might be one in the Glowforge catalog). Then attach the tag to the drawstring. Or just make a simple tag and score the solution on the tag, attach to the drawstring.


Really nice!

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Thank you, and I Really like those ideas! I guess from the reaction I’d better not leave this as a one-off and maybe do a “nice” version.