Just a praise for the support team

I would just like to say thank you to the team for taking care of my issue quickly and getting me back up and running. Since this forum is open to the public domain, any one searching or reading about Glowforge should know that they are standing behind there stuff or at least that’s how I feel after only having this for less than one month. I received my replacement Pro Tuesday, and I’ve been cranking out cuts daily without a problem. My alignment issue is gone and I’ve actually made engraves without any snapmarks (which I could greatly use as I cut multiples and reverse sides often) using only the lid camera without fear or fail. The alignment before was off beyond 1/4" side to side as well as stepped off incorrectly up and down, now it has been spot on.

So again thank you to the support team for listening to the problem, responding, and replacing quickly. :tada::tada::tada::tada:


Thank you for the compliment! We work hard to ensure a quality customer experience when issues arise.