Just a Quickie (butterfly pitcher coaster)



I ran off this Butterfly Pitcher Coaster because I thought I’d left open paths in it…but it turns out I’d fixed them up a few months ago. (Sorry about that…I’ll test another one after I cut a few paths.)

But I figured I’d display it here since I already cut it.


Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 4th, 2017

Beautiful !! Would be an interesting “shadow caster” pattern. Or some color or back lit inlays in the wings. But still looks fantastic as is !!!


Yeah, an inlay would look killer.
It looks really good the way it is though too! :slight_smile:


Gorgeous! Those delicate antennae–awesome!


Have to keep a reference to this.

My wife enjoys many things that have butterflies and drinks tea regularly.

Was that maple or plywood? Do you plan to put a sealer on it to prevent stains?


I am really really loving the precision on all these cuts…and do also love the design.


That was the Proofgrade maple plywood…it has a smooth sealed finish on it already…really gorgeous stuff. :grinning:


It is still super cool looking! I look forward to seeing the next version.


I agree. As a person that currently doing laser cutting its those thin thin pieces that show both your material and laser quality. Super happy to see that.


Hold on to your socks, 'cause you’re absolutely not going to believe this next one…

I was running a demo vid on using the interface, and I recut that coaster, but didn’t want to waste a whole lot of material so I cut it about a quarter to a third of that size…it kept everything intact.


Holy smokes!


I know…I expected it to be charred at that size. It actually held up! Even the little antennae! :astonished:


Holy smokes (again)! - Rich


Oh, and talk about burying the lead… :rolling_eyes:

I opened a bunch of the paths in the butterfly file before cutting it the second time…not a problem to be had from the processing…smooth and seamless, just like the first time around. All paths were complete and all the little bits dropped out with a very light tap.

(Which reminds me…got to go shake out the tray.)


Thats so beautuful and delicate! Nicely done!:grinning:


:glowforge: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: supper glowforge drool happenning - LOVELY


A “G-drool”!


I’d be afraid to even breathe on it.


yeah, those antennae are gonna be goners. I did a submarine with a small tail extension and the prop on the tail - looked great but people picking it up and handling it caused the unsupported piece to break.

I’d also be afraid the lower wings are going to be damaged too - for real use I’d resize the butterfly so the wings & antennae were attached to the ring. Probably make the wings overlap in fact to carry through the extension beyond the ring effect.


Yeah, I’m not expecting it to hold up for long. Chuckle! :grinning:

Still an excellent illustration of the precision we can get with this thing.

(And they held up to the removal of the surrounding waste material, so I’m pretty impressed with the Proofgrade.)