Just Cut Not Engrave?

I’m new here. Is there a magic color combo in Inkscape that will tell GF to JUST cut and not engrave? I’ve tried a few things with no success. I don’t need it engraved, just cut out. What am I missing? Thanks in advance for your help. :slight_smile: - Sam

To cut, you will need a vector with a stroke color specified and no fill color.
A vector that has no stroke color but does have a fill color will come into the GFUI as an engrave, but you can change it to a cut in the UI:

Raster graphics like JPGs and PNGs will only engrave, and cannot be cut.


There are a bunch of inkscape tutorials here on the forum if you search “inkscape tutorial”.
Here’s one of them that has a video and might be what you need to get going.


Thanks! <3


You seem to already have the answer but welcome to our forum.


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