Just for Fun: SnakeBox Toy

I recently came across a picture of an old wooden toy that I remember from years ago. It consists of a flat, thin wooden box with a captive top that looks like you can slide it off. But when you try, a wooden snake pops out and “bites” your finger. I thought, “Glowforge!” Here’s a short vid showing it in action.

And here is a zip containing the instructions and an svg file.

SnakeBoxV2.zip (101.6 KB)

I made it with a 6"x12" piece of PG maple.

It makes me smile.


That is awesome and makes me smile too.

Thanks for the file.


That’s wonderful and it makes me :sunglasses: too…


Did anyone else read “The Cobra Event” by Robert Preston? I remember the toy from the book.

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Thank you! So what does it say on the outside of the box? :sunglasses:

This is fun!

It says “snake”. (At least that’s what what Google claimed when I asked it for “snake” in Chinese.)

Making this for our “Snake Guy” too funny… But serious, invasive species etc…


Horrible web page but useful information…

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So fun! Thanks for sharing!

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Wow! Like that Sherlock Holmes story (“The Dying Detective”). Nice job on the box and thanks for sharing.

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I think woody said it best.

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On the one hand they are probably de-ratting and de-mongoosing the island. On the other hand they eat everything else as well (like the mongooses and the rats.) And on the third hand, who wants an island full of snakes?


This is so cool! I absolutely love the mechanical toys! Thanks for sharing the file! :grinning:

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Ha! That’s awesome. The truly great toys always come back. Thanks for sharing the project. I am sure this toy will delight folks of all ages.

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West used to have a serious feral cat problem, not anymore… But like you said they eat everything else, especially birds and we already have a serious bird and bat recovery effort after Maria.

Used to see Hummingbirds, 8-10 times a day, now its days before I see one.

My grandfather use to make these by hand when I was a kid. He would be a rubber realistic looking snake on the end of his.

I know a lot of kids who will love this. Thank you.

Snakes! Not particularly scared of them but in the last three days…

  1. Saturday, I stepped on a black snake barefoot in the garage. Not fun.
  2. This morning had a big snake shoot out of the dash of my tractor, fly across my lap, drop to the floor and try to run up my pants leg.
  3. Two hours later had one drop out of a front end loader bucket onto my head and run away.

Remind me why I live in the sticks?


Okay, that second one would have freaked me. I don’t like critters between my clothes and my skin. At all!


Snakes! Why did it have to be…snakes!?!