Just got an Ear savers request I believe to be a scam

Never got an official email from Glowforge, yet this lady claimed she was matched…

I asked her for a copy of the email, there was nothing in my spam from Glowforge either so how is this happening

She sent one with my info on it, but again never got one from Glowforge at all.

I think I am being scammed, we are in a small town, and Know the area very well and there is no Group Home where the request came from, she called herself her name (I kept that private) Group homes, it’s an apartment building. In a mass of 100 apartments . There are no group homes in her name at all in our area, I’m Thinking people are passing this request around for freebies whatever the reason, maybe they make masks to sell and can include my free ear saver with their order, is there any kind of verification that our free air savers are going to legit needy places like nursing homes and hospitals etc, granted maybe she works for one, but still I want a name to where they should really go to like a legit home or hospital not an apartment building that is in the low income areas of where her apartment is… I hate to say that.

Possibly someone looking to sell them?

How did they get your email, though?

if your ‘gut’ is telling you to wait, I agree with it. I would wait for the glowforge email to confirm. They should have her email address to match up with the email copy show must have scanned or screen shot to you.


Im afraid we all want to give back, and it still is not real I know it, it’s a 1 bedroom apartment address and I know it cause I lived just up the road from them lol, I asked for the name of the group home or organization which I did ask and no response so far, I think Glowforge people need to verify these places as legit

I’m sure her personal email is legit
But not a 1 bedroom apartment being a group home and I know that for sure as I use to live up the road from there, she don’t know our mail addresses, thanks to Glowforge people so she did not know I’m familiar with the area lol

Worse part was I forwarded her email to the earsavers@glowforge.com email and I got a automatic email response about how to operate my Glowforge standard email we all got when we email, lots of confidence now in this lol

EDIT - just saw that you DID email the Glowforge address.

Also, the ear saver program from Glowforge is not just for medical people – it’s for ANY essential workers.

I really don’t feel like it’s our place to vet requests, since we signed up for Glowforge’s program. If they want it vetted, THEY will vet it. I really don’t think there’s a huge earsaver black market out there. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


PS Group homes probably need ear savers worse than hospitals. And again – ESSENTIAL WORKERS. Low-income people are the most likely to fall into that category.


Well I disagree, a 1 bedroom housing complex, needs 77 Ear Savers, does not make sense , there is no proof she is an essential worker, no proof she works anywhere close to a Group Home, I reasonably just asked for the name of the group home where she works, which by the way was (Her Name Group Homes) just ask where she did nicely, she named the group home after herself… if you don;'t want to Vet it yourself, that’s fine but I am only sending to places in need… FOR REAL not some person that lives in a Housing complex and uses her own name as the group home, even if she had 1 person here it’s nto worth 77 ear savers, that’s not right, oh by the way she never answered me back…so I think I proved the point… and I know the area, I live right by it…it’s abuse…plain and simple

It’s nto a Group home, if it was no problem, but a single 1 bedroom apartment is not a group home…and I could call my self mikenbrenda group homes and it’s only my wife and I and not even work as an essential worker… which we do not, i bet i could fill one out right now and they would match me…

Please forward me the request, I’ll take care of it.

I’ve consulted in plenty of group homes that are small and named after the owner. It’s not our job to judge. If you sign up to do a good deed, you do the good deed. That’s your job. What the recipient does with the gift is beyond your control. If you seek to control the fruits of your good deed, you settle for the control and forfeit the blessing.


Well there was in this case a black market and I am not sending to a illegitimate person requesting 77 ear avers… that’s abuse almost like medicare fraud…

If it’s legit no problem, right now they can take me off the program, cause it’s disgusting… if it works that way…

Like I said, forward me the information and I’ll take care of it.


What’s disgusting is the judgmental attitudes of people who aren’t having to risk their lives to do their jobs.


NO…I will not

that’s your opinion…and it did not even come from glowforge…now leave it alone and quit harassing my subject…with your opinion, it an eyebrow raiser that needs to be said. not a political platform of any kind, it’s an alert to others… period…and you do not need to judge me

It’s okay, I’ve flagged GF staff so they can send it to me.


I’m sorry, WHAT???

i can’t verify the person who you received an email from is legit. but i can tell you this.

many (majority?) of the people asking seem to be using their home mailing addresses. the facility addresses are often swamped right now with so much going on and it’s much more reliable to mail to their home address. so someone’s apartment address, in and of itself, is not a sign that this is a scam.

i’ve mailed out well over 2000 (although not through the GF program except for one i helped out where someone needed help here) and every single package has been to a home address.

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Does nto matter to me, as a valid customer, i have the right to be concerned which did not get answered by them, it’s nto your place either to make decision,s and besides again i state i never got an official glow forge personal request which apparently you ignored…i will contact glowforge about you also… it’s a valid concern, which i doubt you will be the hand of god on…