Just got my Glowforge

UPS Just dropped my machine off and it is ALL WET!!! trying to dry it off. I am so sad :frowning:

Sorry to hear that!
Wet inside, or outside?

Wet in and out

UPS at it sitting on its side

If it’s wet inside the plastic bag, youve got a problem, sorry to say. What a disappointment.

Good news, the glowforge customer service seems excellent. They’ll get you sorted.

How do I contact them ? Just email?

You opened up a Support ticket by starting this thread.

Sorry to hear about the delivery problem. They’ll be along soon to help sort things out.

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Oh no! I’m so sorry that UPS damaged your Glowforge. We’ll need to replace your unit and and I’ve followed up in email about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.