Just had to put it on the kitchen counter!

Today it finally arrived! After paying a whole lot of government duties and calls to UPS about missing numbers and payments, my Glowforge is in the Netherlands!

Of course I could not wait to push uit that founders rule in inches. Because, you know, we don’t have anything else with inch scaling on it in Europe. :wink:

But I couldn’t wait to set it up on the kitchen counter, hoping my wife would allow it for the first night. :wink: Since the preorder campaign showed the GF in the kitchen, here is my (temp) setup!

And it is looking SWEET! Great colors, GF. :slight_smile:

Any tips on what to cut next? It is working on a 3d engrave of one of our wedding photo’s, but it is not looking like that will be a great succes worth posting.

Sooooo happy it finally arrived!


Tour the USA Museum, you can buy one in the gift shop.
heh heh…

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That’s a great looking inch ruler! Congrats! :wink:

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Well that turned out… Meh…


Maybe the photo didn’t turn out so great, but I love that you read through your wedding!

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But these look great!


Magazine doesn’t say Rebel for nothing :wink:

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Photographs aren’t going to work well with 3D engraving. You need a heightmap (where light colors represent high points and dark areas represent places to cut deeply) to get good 3D results. These will generally be created in 3D modeling programs. (Although you can sometimes get usable results photographing real objects as long as they’re monochrome and you carefully control the direction of the light.)

Use the Photo presets (or in manual mode use the “convert to dots” setting) for printing photos.


Super tips, thanks :wink: Had read as much about the 3d engrave, wanted to try something anyway :stuck_out_tongue: Will try a height map somewhere coming week. However our own area (being mostly flat at -1m above (or below?) sealevel will be pretty boring :wink:

Very happy for you!

Here are some random projects from the first week.



Big congratulations and welcome to the wonderful world of Glowforge!

I like the use of the snaps on the box sides to keep the box together.

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Really like those boxes on the counter, great job!