Just picked up my new Glowforge cart tonight

I ran to Lowe’s for some other items tonight and while there I took a look at their shelving.

I ended up grabbing this cart in preparation for the Glowforge. The GF is actually 14" longer than the bamboo top which while not ideal, I think is workable. If nothing else I can make a longer top. I think it’s a good working height for a standing position but if I change my mind, the posts can always be cut down a bit.

The manual has contact info to order replacement parts so I plan to order a few more shelves to use as flat storage, and the basket at the bottom will be great to toss scraps into.



Ooohhhh shiney! Does it need any cross bracing against wobble?


The feet on the Glowforge are like long skids. Somewhere around 34" long. There will be about 5" of the skid feet hanging out over each side. Unknown whether that would in any way deform the case affecting alignment. Guessing not, but just don’t know. Your chosen table doesn’t have to be completely rigid but it shouldn’t wobble.


There’s no wobbling within the frame itself with the shelves in place, it’s very rigid. Once the 70lb Glowforge is placed on top, it should compress the carpeting and take care of that cushioning effect.


Cool! (Kind of wishing mine had some storage space so i could get my desktop back.) :smile:


Couldn’t you just GF a small box to go over it when not in use , so you can write on top of it? Maybe some slots for storage


Chuckle! I don’t need slots - i need bins. And a press to keep the wood from warping down here. :smile:


Interesting - i had to turn on my VPN to visit the link!

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Any wobble will be at the casters. metro-style connectors are plenty strong once they’re tamped down. What concerns me more is that you might be too high for comfortable use, since top of GF will be at about 46".

A sawzall could fix that :slight_smile:


If you’re storing flat, you could use anything with a bit of weight placed on top to help hold it flat. You can get a pre-made shelf from your local home improvement store to help distribute weight over the whole face of material then put the weight on top of it. This way the edges beyond where the weight is placed won’t still curl. Just thinking out loud here. :slight_smile:

Two of the casters have brakes so some of that tendency to “swing” is taken care of, but I’ve thought about not using the casters at all since I dont really need it to roll around, and that would lower the whole cart a few inches.

I opt for a standing working position, trying to get away from being seated so much (25 years at graphics workstations - ugh). Standing next to the cart and placing a cardboard box on top to approximate the total height, I think it will be fine. Actual working time at the machine is limited, but being able to keep your back vertical instead of hunched over a table top height is much better for you ergonomically anyway.

The only height concern I have is the weight of the GF itself makes this top-heavy so I might shorten it based on that, in which case, I’m covered between having Sawz-All, band saw, chop saw, cut-off wheels and die grinders, or plasma cutter. Lots of ways to skin that cat. :slight_smile:


I agree that this cart might be a tad too tall for comfortable use, but the high center of gravity would be more my concern. While a Sawz-All might work, it seems a little overkill. Most of these wire shelving units are interchangeable, so you might try just to replace the posts. I actually think I’ll order all the parts and custom design such a cart.


If you didn’t mind covering the bamboo - for $9 IKEA sells a 39 3/8x23 5/8 " black or white top (black a few bucks more)


I was also thinking that it seemed a bit tall, but I just went out and measured the height of the lid of my laser cutter and it’s at 44". I’d say the height I have mine at is actually pretty good. So, I stand corrected.


The pictures of the bottom show intricate webbing across the bottom for structure that looked robust to me, my guess is it will be fine.

I have a whole lot of that wire shelving. It is generally very strong. I had one cheap unit that had bad welds and totally failed after a few years, but all the rest have been going strong for 10-15 years, including being taken apart and put together in different configurations several times.
I would be just a pinch concerned with the top-heavy factor, especially with weight hanging out over the sides (they are relatively light-weight), but you are a capable guy, so I would chalk that up as “something to think about, and find a solution to in needed” and not in any way as a “deal-breaker”.
You may be fine as is, but if a solution is needed, there are pre-made options available: the beauty of modular design.

triangle footplate


shelf-mounting point

Adjustable feet


I didn’t see any outrigger feet, but you could make your own with post sections and those post-clamps above.


But, but, that’s not a fun solution :slight_smile: and it doesn’t scratch the immediate gratification itch nor offer the fulfillment of making and shaping something by hand. :slight_smile:

Shopping for stuff with me is hell cause I don’t see things and say “Oh I need that”… I see things and think “Oh how can I modify this or make something completely different out of it?”

ADD/OCD - I must make ALL the things!


I use those for flat file storage. :slight_smile:


Now that is really cool! Excellent idea!


That is really neat!

Well this is just what I needed, an adult-sized erector set! hahaha! Now I see visions of a spiral shaped wire shelving system forming columns underneath a platform suitable for placing a mattress, thus opening up all kinds of space underneath for another work area…

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