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Why write a date if you are not committed to it?

They’re not writing the date. Their estimating software calculates it based on pretty real-time data on what the factory can make with the parts on hand & being delivered.

They used to tell us all it would be a date and that wasn’t working. We asked and they gave us better date estimates by creating the personalized estimating model.

Most people are seeing it turn out to be accurate. Some, especially international orders are not. Internationals have the added complication of country-specific import process & certification issues which are dependent on any number of 3rd parties including highly efficient government ones.

It sucks we’re this late into the process and they’re still working through those issues but it’s not personal and to a large extent I expect the variables are now largely out of their control.


It’s likely that sourcing parts and building each unit is progressively taking longer then they estimated. On top of all this their manufacturing partners may be prioritizing other clients, we really don’t know the details.

Still, one piece of good news is that you won’t have to wait 6 months for your air filter like the rest of us :smile:


Holy-ker-shmoly mine jumped too, not as much as yours though. I hadn’t assumed by April 2018 since April 2017 :wink:

You can sometimes find reasoning in the monthly updates and the followup discussion link for the update.

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