Just setup my GF pro. It won’t cut

I ordered the “Pro” unit Here is a list of problems with the unit:

  1. The unit cant cut through material, including proofgrade, it just moves around
  2. The camera is blur , I have cleaned it as instructed.
  3. In reading hundreds of others with the same issues we are all having.

Support answers usually within 1 day, but in the meantime:

Please post a picture of your GFUI (Glowforge User Interface) including the entire screen from the list of commands on the left to the name of your machine on the right showing what you’re running when it “can’t cut through material, it just moves around”

The camera is blurry at the edges because it is a fisheye. It will never be fully clear except at the point where it’s focusing. Which isn’t a problem because you don’t need it to be, except where you’re focusing.

A lot of folks have issues when they first get their machines. Running through the First Three Prints at support.glowforge.com solves most of them.

I have been trying to print the 3 first prints. Can’t not even print the first one. It just lives around and makes noise but no laser printing, cutting or engraving :pensive:

I did follow all the cleaning steps. Checked the mirror, the lense, the cable.

I’m going to repeat this because your picture indicates you are not using the PG settings.

Yes but the issue is I didn’t received a medium cardboard. Only a thick one.
That’s why I’m asking if they send the medium one so you can do the first printing.

Also tried the puzzle. That is fine I the thick cardboard. However it didn’t print either.

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That is what comes up with the only draft board I received. 6 thick boards.

Ok, so the reason you’re getting the error is you changed the settings on the last command. See how they all have words (Cut/Engrave), but that last one has numbers? That’s how you know you’ve changed the settings.

Click on it and click the back button and then select the Cut command again and it’ll revert to the default settings.

They may not have the 3mm draftboard in stock right now - they’ve been having supply issues because of the pandemic. That being said as long as it says Thick Draftboard at the top, and all the settings have words, it should print. Your custom setting is pretty close to the default one (I have a Basic not a Pro so I can’t confirm), so there must be a different issue.

Watch the laser when it’s trying to cut or engrave - you should see a pink light zipping back and forth through the tube (you might need to turn off your room lights to see it). If that’s not there it’s possible there’s an issue with your tube, but hopefully not because that would require it being shipped back for repair :frowning:

Actually, the cut settings for thick draftboard for a pro are 132/full.

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That’s what I figured - but returning to “Cut” will remove the error message.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.