Just stopped working -

As of just 15 minutes ago, it just stopped working , the machine is on but its not moving at all. ?

It was stuck on Centering , so I turned it off and moved it back to it original position.

Please Help ?

What model of machine? Basic, Pro, Plus? What is the temperature in your work area? Are you getting any error messages or different colored light? A little more information might help someone help you.

Temp is 74
Camera not showing a new screen still has the old view
Not centering or moving at all. Pro Model. has worked flawlessly for over a year.
I have no Color Light , its dead.


Sounds like, communication error between GF and Google cloud(your wifi or who knows where along the the way) or possible black ribbon cable issue.

Check the tabs and clips on all your cables but specifically the one that connects the rear panel to the lid. Seems this part wears out due to rubbing or flexing too much.

Its the connection for the bed camera.


WOW ! sure enough I push down on the connector just a bit and it worked.
Wesley James , Thank you


So now that I know I must have opened the door up to much and loosened it , what I can i do to fit it and any DIY to not opening up the door to much , I think it was a friend that opened it , put a warning sign on not to open .

Thanks again.

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Sort of a side topic, I just ordered my Plus last Monday and I wanted to get a few spare parts to have on hand. I have a few fans and the lens. I have seen many cases where that ribbon cable goes bad but its not in the spare parts section… Is it just something they send to you when it goes bad? I would like to get one on hand if possible.

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I second that, I would like to get some extra parts also as I think its a matter of time before my lid goes , where can I purchase them > Thank you

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The machine has stopped working again, , That lid connector seems to be the issue. Is there any way to fix this myself. I have pressed down on all the connectors but it just stopped now…

Support said they were going to send me some parts but I never herd back from them.
Please advise.

Thanks for the help @wesleyjames! @coalakida I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic and we will follow up with you shortly. @Shiftnox you can email us at support@gmail.com and we can set up an order for a replacement cable. If you have any other questions please feel free to open another thread or send us an email.