literally years in the making… 46 minutes of engrave on Proofgrade maple plywood. I used 40mm for the escutcheon hole but I had to sand it out a little for it was a tight fit!

I got the curve by taking a picture of the forge and drawing the cutline over that in illustrator.


Now that is amazing! I love the fitted curve and the great job you did on shading. This one goes into the top five escutcheons in my opinion!


What she said! :grinning:


Ditto. Great incorporation of the glowy button.




Lol Awesome!



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This is fabulous! I love the 3 dimensional look of it!

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Wow! The depth of that engrave makes it look like it is alive!

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Nice! I think most of us can sympathize with the years in the making statement.

Now get that Proofgrade stored flat!! :wink:


I have to get busy on mine. I keep thinking of a new one and someone else does it before I can, my skills are not up to the level of some on here so it takes me longer. That is extremely good looking!

Thank you all! But the only thing I did is pick the right image from an image search, correct the measurements, greyscaled it in photoshop and had the Glowforge cut it. I’m not an artist. I am however very good at turning other peoples art into something different. I’m a big believer in “Beter goed gejat dan slecht bedacht” It’s a dutch marketing term. Translates into “Better steal a good idea instead of coming up with something bad”


Wow! Awesome … Just like your new Glowforge!

tell us more about hte giant banada tho…

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Hahaha, I was wondering when someone would notice! The banana of course is for scale!

I was part of the organisation of an Andy Warhol and other pop artists exhibit in Amsterdam. The giant banana was made to hang in the foyer of the exhibition hall and is made out of styrofoam. However when we got it it was painted as a real banana and it needed to resemble the one from the cover of the Velvet Underground record. So I had at it for an hour or so with a sponge and black paint and voila!

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Incredible work, yes among the best

Winner winner chicken dinner! :sunglasses:

Oh…and thanks for a little clutter in the picture… another pic of a spotless shop just might push me over the edge! Ha! :sunglasses::+1:


Not really a fan of Dragon Ball but this. is. awesome.

looking at the amount of details in this Goku, it’s not something we can just take a pic of the internet and load into the glowforge. what method is being use here?
just got my glowforge and a huge fan of dragon ball.

It might be, the :glowforge: does a really good job with line drawings.