Kabob Skewere Basket Jig

Hello Community. I was just wondering if anyone has a jig to engrave on the wooden handle of a Skewer/Kabob basket?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


There’s no international standard for size and shape of a skewer/kabob basket handle, so there cannot be a standardized jig for it either. A jig is typically something you make yourself, as cutting it and using it are part of the same process when it comes to using a jig to align an engraving. What were you hoping a premade jig would do for you?


Well I was hoping there was a premade jig that I could use to be able to engrave on the handles. I was looking for something like a pencil jig. That is why I reached out.

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Share the specs of the skewer/kabob basket you are intending to engrave, please.

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The dimensions of the skewer basket is list below:

49.3 x 4.6 x 3.7 cm
Skewer Basket|435x250 Skewer Basket

So if I am reading this right, the basket is nearly 2" tall? You are going to have to remove the crumb tray and the dimensions are going to present a challenge in that the wooden handle is going to be close to the side margins which may result in limiting the engrave space. A quick solution would be to make veneer stickers to place on the handle. A more complicated solution would involve something like this: Grid jig to make another jig


There is no way that will fit in the machine. If you can remove the wooden handle piece for engraving, then measure it, you can easily make up a jig.

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I must be missing something. It’s 49.3 cm or 19.4" x 4.6cm or 1.8" x 3.7cm or 1.45" - I’d take out the tray and just put something under the wooden handle to support it. Typically the handle on these is in line & level with the top of the basket so it won’t need to be raised up by itself causing the basket to obstruct the head.


I should wear my glasses… :rofl:

I read it as 49", not cm.


(and I generally work in mm, not inches - it’s all I’d known before moving to the US!)


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