Keep cardboard in place?

Just making some test runs with cardboard. My cardboard is moving a bit as it gets cut. Anyone have a strategy for keeping it in place?

Thanks in advance!

Have I got good news for you.

Honeycomb Pins are exactly what you want.


…and magnets. Or even double stick tape to hold areas not being cut to the bed?


Ive had success with really strong magnets. you want to place them though so the gantry doesn’t hit them as it moves the laser.

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Neat idea! I was thinking of 3D printing something, but what a neat way to utilize waste!

Very cool! My interim solution was a couple of thin wood planks that were heavy enough to limit movement.

Magnets all day with cardboard. There are lots of posts.

And in general: Search results for 'Magnets' - Glowforge Owners Forum


=) My bad. I searched cardboard for the settings, but was not on top of my search game for the fasteners. Thanks for the link!

I find that I use magnets (super strong neodymium ones) the majority of the time, because they always will stick well, even 1/4 inch wood. For smaller things where I need to cut and the magnets would be too large, I use the honeycomb pins mentioned earlier. They are nice but take a little bit of tweaking because of how they fit in the honeycomb.