Keep getting this message.. "An Error Occurred on Your Glowforge ..."

I keep getting the “An error occurred on your glowforge. Please refresh your browser before printing. It may also help to turn your glowforge off then on again” message.

I have restarted the machine and my computer & cleared all cache and history from the browser. Nothing is helping!

I know there are many threads about this issue but from what I’ve read nothing has solved the issue for me.

Please help!!

Hello @ladams.

I’m sorry for the trouble you are having with slowness, unresponsiveness, or uploads failing in the Glowforge application.

We are seeing this, too. We are investigating this now and are working to have everything back online soon.

Please refer to for updates as system connectivity is restored.

This is suddenly happening to me too. Oddly enough, I can print designs that are already saved in my Dashboard, but I can’t upload a new file. I am actually relieved to know it is a site error, so hopefully nothing is wrong with my machine.

Best of luck to us all. :slight_smile:

i was having the same error,restarted my computer and restarted machine,still same error,figured i would restart the machine again and now it wont come on at all!!!

Same here!!

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