Keep Your Crumb Tray

I made the mistake of sending in our broken Glowforge Pro with the crumb tray in the package. After spending $1,651 to swap our broken unit (only used one time but out of warranty) for a refurbished one, it did not come with a crumb tray. I cannot see anywhere where it is mentioned to keep your crumb tray. This may be obvious to someone who unboxed their Glowforge to begin with, but I work for a University and was not the person who unboxed our original Glowforge so I had no idea it came in separate packaging.

I hope Glowforge will send back our original crumb tray or a duplicate, but I’m discouraged that they will resolve this without wanting more money from us in return and we will probably have to wait weeks again for them to put something in the mail.

This class has been waiting weeks for this refurbished unit to arrive, despite paying them and sending our broken one in right away. The class will now have to wait again.

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Welcome to the community and sorry for your delays. In general, support no longer monitors the forum, however there are two contact people whom I will tag with hopes that they might be able to speed things along for you. @emilyhuh and @Brandon.B

Wishing you good luck.


Their emails regarding returning units includes the instruction to keep the power cord and honeycomb tray. It is an easy mistake to make, and I am sorry this has happened.

It is absolutely possible to use your Glowforge without the honeycomb tray. Simply put some material on the floor of the unit (at least 1.5" tall, and put items to be cut or engraved on top of that. If you want to make sure that the waste material is not burned, you can top it off with aluminum foil. This is not ideal, but will enable you to use the Glowforge immediately.


Oh no! Have you reached out to our Support team to see if they will be willing to ship you a crumb tray without additional cost? They might be willing to, so it doesn’t hurt to ask! Appreciate your patience while you were waiting for the refurbished unit to arrive!


Thanks for flagging to me @Xabbess!


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