Keeping busy while waiting for my machine


I’m going to make a wood one when I get my machine

My husband replaced the bearings in my in-line skates.

We have a basic 3d printer. Guess what we made with the discarded parts?


There are a number of Fidget spinner threads and tips for making them on a laser.
Reading them should keep you busy for at least a little while. :wink:


Ohhhh that will be so fun! Thank you!


Even some personal tips from Dan!

Including this one on a technique for fitting the bearing


Glow in the Dark shy “Boo” decal :rofl:


Well that’s cute as a bug! (smile)


Had Kinderegg shells and a long weekend!


Those are adorable minions! What a great idea! (Need any more shells?..I’ve got a few thousand.) :grinning:


Haha, thanks! I been getting back into this type of craft as a stress reliever. If you ever need to rid of a few I can Pay pal the shipping :blush:


Man, I wish I’d known you needed them when I cleaned out the hoard. (I collect the toys. Gotta love that German engineering.)


Hehe, I love the toys too! My kids are growing up so aren’t into the kinder eggs as often any more. :slight_smile:


Oh no, I collected them as an adult. ROFL! (I would buy huge lots of them from eBay and spend days sitting there putting them together. I’m easily amused.)


You can just buy them in lots? Ohh…tempting :joy: I love the toys. Off to look!


My company has a customer team model and some are named after superheroes. I’m on team Avengers. Made this with glass etch cream and my vinyl cutter!




The image is blank on that one… Paging @discourse… (weird that 2 posts around the same time had image upload issues…


I see the image. Are you still having the issue?


I still see this on both my PC and mobile


Made a SVG, converted to a layered paper project :wink:


That’s adorable! :grinning: