Keeping Glowria in shape

I’ve put on my computer calendar a repetitive reminder to clean Glowria once a month, whether she needs it or not. That will not preclude cleaning her up in between times if it’s warranted. Anyway, I did it the other evening and came across a pretty good idea for cleaning the honeycomb grating itself, after getting any loose debris out. I bought a small sized kitchen scrub brush and wetted it down with the vinegar/water mix and brushed the grate, especially across the front where you could see a buildup of wood resin. Clean as a whistle. Looks nearly new again.


Now that I can do! Great suggestion! :grinning:


(I just may be a bit OCD about this…) :roll_eyes:


If so, you’re not alone…I’ve already had the hose off to vacuum and I haven’t used it nearly as much as I did the PRU. (Just not enough time to play.) :smile:


Taking the hose off will be tempting me big-time, but it’s going to be a PITA to do, as the unit is backed up to a wall and on a counter barely wide enough to hold it. It will have to be pulled out and turned sideways as much as possible to get to the hose connection. Not even sure if it can be done…and we’ll have to figure something weird out.


Sounds great! What would we do without vinegar?!


I just did some heavy engraving and was surprised to see some much dust on the laser tube’s outer tube. Any suggestions for cleaning the hard to reach areas?

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I found it;

also…there’s lots more about this if you do a search


That is what I needed. Thanks! It worked like a charm and I discovered it work very well on the resin build-up on the crumb tray door.

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