Keeping score (lines)

Okay GF gurus… what’s the trick to keeping score lines as score lines when you upload your svg to the GF interface? I use Illustrator to create my files, and identify all score lines with the same color (usually a light blue), but when the file gets to the GF interface, it magically (or frustratingly) sees the score lines as cut lines. Sure, easy step to change them before hitting the button, but the folks who buy my files don’t always know/remember to do that.
Any sage advice?


Not possible. Unfilled paths default to cut.


I will once again voice support for svg annotation of settings in uploaded design files. At least we have download support…


Rub sage in the grooves. It won’t actually do anything but might smell a bit batter :slightly_smiling_face:


If you want to add your name to the list of people that have asked for this, post in P&S.

Even an exported design with scores loads back in as all cuts.

They simply refuse to add this basic functionality.


:rofl: :joy:

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Make the text in double size- ALL CAPS - BOLD- and fluorescent pink. They still might forget, but at least they will have no excuse to complain to you about


My advice is to learn to use a custom palette and set the score colors to come first. That way you immediately know which one to change. It’ll be very easy to incorporate into your workflow, almost zero additional effort and time. Besides, it’s good practice — generally speaking you want to order things like engraves followed by scores followed by cuts from the inside out. It’s the best way to guarantee exact placement.

Custom palettes give you full control over the step order in the GFUI from the start. For more info:


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