Keeps saying material is at the wrong height.~

I am engraving anodized metal lighters which I have always done in the past. However just received a replacement machine and it just does not want to focus on the black lighter. If I try focus it says an error has occured. If I try to start the print without focusing it says the material is at the wrong height which it isnt. Losing my mind and patience at this point, cant do simple jobs without having 101 problems

The camera can sometimes have trouble picking up the red laser dot used for height calculations on dark or shiny materials. (It might help to just stick a small piece of white paper masking tape on the lighter.)

Then you would want to make sure that the red dot is landing on the tape. That will give the correct height calculations.


Good ides will give this a shot

Hi @jesselsingdia94, that you for reaching out to us. @Jules is absolutely correct. Dark, shiny, and clear material can sometimes be hard for the camera to focus on. Using a lighter color masking and Set Focus should fix this for you.

Please let us know how it goes once you’ve had a chance to try it out. Thank you!

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Hi @jesselsingdia94, its been a couple of days since we heard from you so I wanted to check in. Were you able to try the steps that Jules suggested? If so, how did it turn out?

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