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i am trying to ingrave glass plate from Dollar Tree locally and i can’t get my machine to ingrave anything on plate. ive shut off and relined it and still nothing. so what can it do to make it work.

First, you cannot engrave anything that is not within 0 to 1/2" of the top of the crumb tray. If you remove the crumb tray you still cannot engrave (or cut) below that level as that is the total range of the laser focus.

So if the plate has a half-inch or more between the outer rim and where you want to engrave you cannot do that with a Glowgorge as it will hit that rim getting to the lasing location or the location will be too far away from the laser to engrave.

If all that part is taken care of and there is trouble trying to focus on the glass then some masking will help a lot and can be lased right through.


We need a bit more info to be of any help. How thick is the plate? Does it have a rim? Have you tried putting a piece of paper on it for the focus beam to land on? Can you share a screenshot of your plate in the Glowforge with your design placed on it?


Also… by what you are saying we can’t tell if your machine just refuses to do the job… or if it’s running and not engraving… or if it’s running but not firing the laser… or…


For me… I’ll just assume that it’s firing but not doing anything to the plate. So I would suggest this… You aren’t going to damage the glass (probably… thermally the plate may suck and that could be a problem… but I digress) so crank it up to max power. Set the speed to say… 500 to start… And let 'er rip, Tater Chip.

Yeah tater I set power to max and it started to engeave right away. Thankyou for your insight with this issue. I usually jot all the reading for a reminder for next project so thankyou again. Ken k

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