Key fob with velcro


I wouldn’t consider this worthy of posting except it is a milestone for me. I needed a velcro back on this and it just made since to cut it the same shape as the fob. Well, there is nothing close to this in proofgrade so I had to make a SWAG* on power and speed. Looks like I nailed it.

*Scientific wild a## guess

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 18th, 2017

Was this preassembled and cut as one piece or 2 pieces accurately cut and assembled second?


I might have cut it an 1/8 smaller all around just to make it easier to remove and use. Are you going with a metal keyring thru the hole or some kind of rivet?

Yay for SWAG!

Edit: thru not they… Love autocorrect


Top picture…I see two lips and the chin and the tip of a nose…lol Thought it was you…lol :sunglasses:
Edit : oh yeah the SWAG. love it !


Mark, did you apply the adhesive velcro to the back of the wood before cutting and engraving, or just cut it separately? (Awesome job on it!) :smiley:


You are right, next time I’ll bump down just a smidgen to have a small lip.


I cut them separately and assembled, now I wonder how it would have come out the other way?


i think you probably already did it the best way; trying to do it together would probably damage the velcro (not to much smuttening it up with smoke and resin).


Just a pinch more power (or slower?), and then no aligning afterwards?


It would have to be a pinch slower as 1/8" proofgrade ply already runs at 100%. After thinking about it though, I think the two cuts is probably the best way. No cross contamination from the cut.


It would be interesting to test this with a variety of sticky-backed (but laser safe!) materials, like the 3M backed veneers.
I was just thinking about how some adhesive-backed products have a very strong connection to the backing material, and some have a weaker bond, which might result in goop or particles getting between the layers and compromising the adhesive.
Also about how some decal-type materials are weakened by heat, while others can benefit from judiciously applied heat, especially at the edges.


All good thoughts. As I’ve stated elsewhere, I’ll burn anything that is safe and shows up on my doorstep. I’m as curious as anyone on “will it forge?”

I couldn’t find what was in the adhesive for the velcro but the velcro itself is nylon and the adhesive cover looks to be polyester so I went for it. Cutting velcro will be a thing for me now unless the safety police jump in and tell me there is something horrid in it.


Back when I worked with the government, SWAG simply meant “Super Wild A## Guess” :slight_smile:


Silly, sonars… The s is quite variable.


Until I get my Glowforge I made my key fob without Velcro with my scroll saw


I could never cut anything that well with a manual tool, that is why I love my smart tools so much. Good job!


Uh yeah, that looks pretty darn good! :smiley:


I cut lots of the LaserLights material from Rowmark…it is very thin with 3m adhesive…never had an issue with the heat messing up the adhesive…


I like hearing that!