Key holder


So some time back I printed (3d) a key holder and it has done wonders for my pocket organization. Problem is, it is kinda ugly. Wait! I have a laser cutter. Let’s see what it would look like in maple?

And yes, don’t be so shocked even me, Mr. practical gave in and put some highlights on it. It is just too easy not to.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 18th, 2017

Does it also have a toothpick Holder and a weird pair of scissors?

Simple but probably way more useful then my giant key ring. Great job!


Hey, real nice! Simple, stylish, functional. What more could ya ask for!


Sweeeeeeeeet! Definitely going on my list of things to make…for myself. :grin:

Awesome job!


Practical projects that make life a bit easier are high on my list. Great idea, fine execution!


This project lends itself to so many ways to customize it, plus it is simple enough that even I could do it. :grin:


Well, of course, you can, and with a few minutes, you can improve it. The gave a lot of talented artests and engineers Betas and prereleases to see how far they could stretch it. I think they gave me one to show you guys that anyone can make cool stuff with one.


I like how you say “toothpick holder”, and not “toothpick”.
Of course the toothpick has been lost.


And that has me wondering what we could make (and out of what material) with the Glowforge to fit in that empty slot in a SA knife. Both slots if you lost the tweezers.

Depth gauge/tiny ruler?


Such a great application! I can’t wait to start solving all of life’s problems with my GF :slight_smile:

My key struggle has always been that holding a car key fob along with my keys ends up making even a slim set seem bulky. I 3d printed a stainless bolt which has a little c-clip groove on the end to try to keep things tame, but now that I have an extra key fob for my apartment complex, my pockets are yet again unhappy.


Nice ! Wish I had the resources :slight_smile: Look forward to seeing gallery posts from you and 1000’s of others once GF’s are in our hands !! ( errr… on our tables?):glowforge:


LOL, you pinged on the same line I did. Maybe this can be Dan’s next product. I’d love a metal 3d printer for under 5K !


@PlGHEADED @markevans36301 I used I’ve played around with their metal printing a bit and have been really impressed with the quality. Fine features sometimes get lost, though, so I had to make the c-clip groove a bit bigger than the design spec.


I follow Shapeways and have thought about using them a few times but the cost and not being able to iterate has always had me finding other solutions.

One day there will be no other way and I’ll give them a try.


I don’t think I’ve ever had a Swiss Army knife, or seen one more then 3 weeks old that still had the pick or tweezers. Thought frankly would you want to use a used plastic that has been sitting in your pocket for 2 weeks , hiking through the bush


I still have them both in two of my SA knives. The plastic pick is pretty decent at clearing goop out from under the fingernails. I wouldn’t put it in my mouth!


We must live in different universes. I have SAKs that are over thirty years old that have both.


I want to make a version of the swiss army fine screwdriver that fits on the corkscrew but can take more torque. I’m not sure the laser will help me with that.


Also @jbv

Maybe it’s the great white north. Up here we drop them with our big bulky gloves on to resist frost bite in July. Then the beavers come and add them to their dams .


That would certainly explain it. :scream: