Keychain Display


The few farmer’s markets I’ve sold at, I’ve always felt like I need a better way to display my stuff. Typically I’d just lay it flat, and it bugged me that people had to come and look down at what I was selling, instead of being able to see them from a distance. I woke up from an unexpected nap (was laying on the floor with the baby while he rolled around, then woke up 15 minutes later to him crying :sweat_smile:), and had this idea in my head, as well as the motivation to make it.

I had ordered a large amount of the Medium Maple Ply when I first got my machine since it used to be cheaper, and haven’t had many uses for it, as I like the look of Cherry and Walnut better for most things. It was a no brainer to make this stand out of the stack that I have. I really like the more plain stand look, it helps make the keychains stand out!

This was inspired in part by @BigBlueMark’s way of using layered materials for a base, and in fact, I only ordered thick clear acrylic because of his designs, so thanks to him for being an inspiration! For the hooks, I need a slight revision because they can slide front to back, but otherwise they work really well.


Wow, way to upgrade! Definitely better than laying them flat. Plus you can accommodate a lot more of them due to the smaller footprint.


Great result. Maybe you should take inspirational naps more often. When I nap, I wake up with marks on my face but no brain activity to speak of.


Love this design. I’m sure it will help sales as well!


In and near sleep is the time of the most awesome ideas! The tricky part is remembering them so they stay in your consciousness a few days later. Remembering how great it was without remembering What it was is extremely frustrating. :sleepy:


I agree the lighter color gives a good contrast to the keychains. :+1:


Lucky for me, my phone has a stylus, so 99% of the time I just quickly jot down my ideas. What’s frustrating is when I can’t decipher what the drawing is :joy:


If you added bumps to your hooks it would stop the sliding…


You’re right, I just was running out of time because the baby shares his room with the laser, so when it’s time for him to go to bed, I get kicked out haha


This looks so well done and gorgeous…extremely jealous!!!


Jealousy can be the first step to creativity!


Yep been there done that.


I really agree, it’s very nice and clean.


There has been quite a bit of research done around this. Basically, a fatigued mind is more creative in solving problems. That moment when you are on the cusp of wakefulness and sleep is, from what I understand, the pinnacle of creativity.

At one point, I actually came across what they called the phenomenon, but now I can’t remember. Maybe I will tonight, when I go to bed.




Yes! I know some painters used to try and induce it. So did Thomas Edison. They would hold something in their hand as they went to sleep. At some point as they drifted off, the hand would relax and drop the item, startling them “awake”.


Interesting. Very interesting. I know I’ve had some fantastic conversations while I was tired. Things just seem more clear, like my focus isn’t on everything, but rather, only on the subject at hand. I had a friend that I would meet up with at a burrito place around midnight and just hangout and talk for a few hours about random subjects.

Thanks @deirdrebeth for sharing the name of it - I’m gonna go look into it now!


When I did software development, that was my best problem-solving method. If I ran into a roadblock and couldn’t find a way around it, I’d just quit for the day or work on something else, and then sleep on it. Pretty much without fail, when I woke up the next morning the solution would magically appear in my brain.


Nice display … Sometimes, presentation is everything.


I would love to make something like this just a little larger for my HOME key tags and my earrings.