Keyforge Game Tokens

I made these for my husband for Christmas. Adding alcohol ink to engravings has worked wonderfully for bringing out details. If you do it before removing the protection film, there’s minimal cleanup.


I was just thinking about you and wondering what you were up to! These coins came out great. They’re a slight departure from the watercolored wood (which I’d love to see more of) but I like them!

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I know I haven’t posted in ages. Pretty much everything I’ve been working on lately is a surprise for my daughter. I’m worried that if I post them, she’ll see them. I am definitely having a love affair with acrylic right now.


Woohoo making things because of KeyForge! It’s why I finally made a (deck) box, and using assorted game pieces have been working for tokens so I haven’t done anything like this yet! I still want to make a chain tracker dial though…

Those are great.

My husband doesn’t like chain tracker dials, so the chain tokens replace it in my set.

Yeah, those look great. I think I like putting tokens on top of the deck better than would like some sort of dial anyway!

I guess I’d better go find out what Keyforge is, because these look like a lot of fun!


Beautiful! Did you design the tokens yourself? I didn’t see a link to any source.