Keystroke Zoom and Bamboo

Hey all, I’ve been using my GF for a month or two now and everything is going great! The constant updates are fantastic and the UI is really smooth. But since I use other products constantly I am always trying to do a mouse/keyboard zoom (Alt + scroll) like a lot of other software has, and I was wondering if something like that exists with the GF UI and I just don’t know about it. Or perhaps it’s a future feature?

I was also wondering if the GF shop was planning on producing other materials for Proofgrade. Specifically I’m interested in full sheets of bamboo, but more than that I’m looking for a sustainable wood to use for projects. I have purchased some non Proofgrade materials and compared them to the GF PG offerings, and in both price and quality the PG materials are better. I’d like to continue supporting that if I can instead of buying materials elsewhere.

Thanks for any reply, and thank you for the amazing product!



Yes you can Zoom by holding the CTRL key and scrolling the wheel. :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s a list of handy shortcuts here:


Ah! Wonderful! Thank you Jules.

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Thanks for the link @jules. And thanks for the suggestions on Proofgrade options and sustainability. I’ve passed those comments along. I’m going to close this thread - if anything else comes up, go ahead and post a new topic.