Kim Oberlin has a new interesting wood auction up

Some of you will remember Kim from this thread:


Guess I am going to try, but I think it will get out of my budget very fast. Love some of those wood options.

Hard to say. His pricing is generally very fair, but you never know what these crazy ebay bidders will do. If you check his other items, he usually does buy it now at really low rates.

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Oh, I’m sure. This box has intrigued me, but there are several days of bidding. I probably shouldn’t buy it now for budgetary reasons, but compulsions, you know.

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Kim just posted another 100+ piece cutoff lot that’s slightly thicknner, at 3/32".

@rbtdanforth, this is closer to your 1/4" sweet spot that you seem to use for most things…


(The auction is probably closed, but here’s his shop link:


It’s 3/32, which is smaller than 1/8, not the 3/16 you’re thinking. :wink:


These are not the droids you’re looking for…


Thank you anyway. It would seem that Puff has flown back to the home nest and will again miss my birthday next week but hopefully will show up before his at the first of next month, and has more food to eat than demand or designs or wallet to buy more (though I am always a sucker for good deals) and have gained 20 pounds out of boredom that I lost from focus on new adventures.

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