Kinetic garden suspended in a wooden scaffold


I just wanted to share this sculpture I was able to complete with the help of my glowforge. All the kinetic foliage is laser cut duralar. Follow the link to see the piece in action :slight_smile:




Wow! Love it! :sunglasses:


Pretty close to speechless…


That is amazing. What is the scale? (how big is this?)


Wow. Beautiful! Thanks for the link. I watched several of the other videos posted. Amazing works.

I recommend to everyone to take time to check out more of the videos of @ccurran’s work.


Art and science and wow!


That is a very nice piece.


Wow! This is why this community rocks. Other laser forums are all signs and coasters. Outfknstanding!


That’s fantastic.


Beautiful. I love this and the other works shared on your page. Are your works on display in Seattle somewhere?


That is truly amazing. I hope I get to see your work in person some day!


Thank you :slight_smile: the scaffold is 2’x2’x4’


OMG that’s huge compared to how I imagined it! Impressive work!


This is the most wonderful thing I’ve seen in a long time—absolutely amazing!


Very Impressive. Where did you learn to do that? Truly fantastic work. Thank You for sharing.