Knives Out

So took the kids to see Knives Out tonight. I was expecting a modern Clue. Matter of fact, they even gave a nod to Clue at one point. Nice of them. Not really Clue at all though. Sure, it’s a muder mystery with lots of suspects with their own motives. It was a bit predictable in many places, but even still it was a very enjoyable movie! Not sure it was worth the price of admission, but definitely not a waste of a couple hours of life. I give it a solid :+1:.

Why am I bring this up here?

Well, straight off the bat a rather odd piece of art was introduced in the background…
For a split second I thought “What the…?! Is that @polarbrainfreeze’s piece?!” But the camera angle quickly got better and I could see it was was actually a bunch of knives. Still, I think you can understand my initial reaction to it. :slight_smile:


That’s awesome. Now I need to go see that movie!


it’s on my list to see, but not at the theater. it takes something i think is special to do that. we saw dr sleep in the theater a couple of weeks ago and that was probably the first time since the last star wars movie (which will probably be the next time i go to a theater).

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Having seen it, and also seemingly having a similar concept of when to see a movie in the theater, I agree. This movie is very good… if you’re sitting around on a rainy Sunday afternoon and feel like watching a movie at home.

I typically reserve going to the movies for big-budget larger-than-life movies where seeing it in the theater really adds something to the experience. Story-driven movies are for home. Especially true since earlier this year I bought a new 3,000 lumen projector and a 120" screen to project onto. We watched so many movies outside over the Summer this year. It was awesome. And then in our Family Room we’ve got a 60" TV with surround sound. So that’s also a great movie experience. I have yet to setup the projector in the family room and get the true home theater experience. But I imagine it’ll happen in this upcoming winter.

But, most definitely, Star Wars in a few weeks is happening… in the theater. Likely Imax. :slight_smile:

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To me the movie sounded like that cult classic Murder By Death. Have you seen that one? It’s a hoot.


So my first thought was “Nope!” But then I looked it up and I have a vague memory of seeing it on TV when I was a kid! Might just have to rewatch that one!

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