My first piece of art created on the GF


I’ve made laser-cut art in the past, but this is the first piece done completely on a GF.

After 100 hours of design (which was previously done before I got the GF)…
After 26 hours of cutting 47 individual 12x20 pieces of Baltic birch…
After 20 hours of staining individual pieces…
After 15 hours of gluing…

I give you the following piece of art:

Here are some close-ups of the buildings:

To give you a sense of scale, here it is with me in the background:

It’s going to the gallery next week. Unless someone here wants to buy it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Larger Project Issues and Bitmap Issue
Paper joinery

Holy crap!

That is amazing!


I’ve been waiting to see that. It turned out even better than I’d imagined. :grinning:


That is by far the most impressive thing I’ve seen so far. Your design makes great use of depth to create interest and detail. Simply superb. Thank you for sharing.


an amazing piece of art, did anyone say you do good work, well you do.



(yes, that’s really all I have to say discourse)


WOW, that is so STUNNING that you froze my brain into ‘just stare at it mode’ @polarbrainfreeze


Wow, that is crazy awesome!

You look so pleased with your work as you should be with this one.


That’s incredible!


Beautiful work… and that last photo! It’s like three times larger than I thought at first!



mutters to self… holy crap I have no artistic ability…


That is truly a work of art!


WOW Wonderful!!!


This is amazing. Some of those look like real buildings/structures - any chance they all are? Beautiful piece either way :star_struck:




Uh, how much?! That is utterly amazing! I had NO idea it was as big as it is until you put yourself in the background. I was thinking it was much smaller. I was blown away at the detail too. You’re a very talented artist. I’m going to jump out on a limb here and say that it’s probably too much for my blood but I’m still curious as to what you’d part with it for.

Still reeling! :exploding_head:


Wow! That is awesome. @dan and crew need to get that into their social media ASAP!


This is stunning. Thanks for sharing.


This. is. simply. marvelous ! And, I’m guessing that there are no two buildings alike. I really love the little pockets with some trees. Amazing piece of work. Thank you so much for showing us!


This is SO gorgeous, so much detail and variety. You’ll have no trouble finding a buyer, I’m sure!