Kraft paper

hello. I’m looking for some help. I have a customer who would like me to engrave and cut on 30 2x2 round circles. I haven’t found any settings for this. do you guys have any idea?
thank you

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There is a lot of variation in “kraft” paper. The test that @robermar36 posted is definitely your best bet.
You might be able to narrow down what you’re testing by searching on here by the weight of the paper you’re using (lbs or gsm). Paper cuts very easily so you’re likely looking at high/max speed and low power.


Finding the settings is one thing. Hitting the center of each round is another. Might I suggest, in the GF app. Draw as many 2x2 circles as you like, tape paper to as much of the crumb catcher as needed based on the circles. Use a setting of 1000 & 5, score the paper. Now place your rounds on the scored circles. In the GF app. Center your art in the circles not on the rounds in the image. Set the circles to “ignore “, set the art to engrave using the settings you found to work and run it.


I would engrave them first, then cut out - all in one job. I would imagine getting paper circles to lay flat would be a whole additional layer of difficulty!

using speed 400 and power 4 will only trace the circles on the paper thus showing you exactly where to put your rounds. Your question used the the word “on” indicating that you were using a precut round. the procedure I have put forth is to be used when engraving on items that require you to center on that item. sorry for the misunderstanding.

Ah, I begin to understand. I’m presuming @angie1’s use of “on” was a typo for “out” since the title of the post was “Kraft Paper”

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