Kudos to GF Support: Shipping Damage Unit Replaced

UPS screwed up delivery big time. GF arrived with some damage and totally couldn’t control laser power.

New unit arrived in just a few days since reporting the issue and it is seemingly working well (I’m only a few prints in).

For comparison. Not hard to tell new vs. old.

Thanks support folk @ GF! Support is critical and hard for small companies to execute. I was sad to have to pull the support card so soon after receipt, but am a very happy customer after the interaction!


Sorry for your initial result. Glad Glowforge was able to get you right quickly! Always nice to hear good news! Support really does a pretty damn good job!


Fantastic support. And, wow, is it nice to have a Glowforge that recognizes 20 is a different power than MAX POWER PEWPEWPEW BEAM OF VAPORIZING SUNLIGHT! :slight_smile:

Already doing my first real project. Wooden logo keychains for my wife’s documentary project.


On behalf of the team, thanks so much for your kind words, @bbum. We’re here to help!

Happy Printing!