Kudos to Glowforge Support

Wanted to make a point to say thanks to Glowforge support, despite being well aware they don’t participate here.

You generally only read about the negatives here, but they have worked with me in a timely fashion trying to get my original, >5yr-old Glowforge Pro working per original specifications, and when we ran out of options, arranged for a replacement machine. That is now set up and running, and works perfectly - despite UPS doing their best to destroy it. I had posted that in another thread, but they basically had torn one end of the box off, it was on its side in the truck, and the driver literally dragged it off the truck then proceeded to roll it along the driveway. I had to get it loaded into the back of my SUV until I could get help to move it indoors, and so he started to shove it in upside-down. All this despite the box being clearly labeled FRAGILE and this-way-up. It is his job. :roll_eyes:

I know many people have had issues, but in the grand scheme of things and considering the number of units sold, we should keep things in perspective and appreciate what the company has accomplished. My experience deserves to be shared. :+1:


Indeed I have never seen a more UPS proof packing design. I have had mine come stabbed and beaten but not broken. Nothing is idiot proof as occasional complaints have noted, but I wonder if any would arrive alive if packed as most things are.


Glowforge support has always been great for me.


Glowforge support has been very responsive for me to. I try to always email my question or problem on a weekday.


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