Kudos to the GF Support Team

My GF decided to throw a yellow light / communication error about 10 days ago. It happens with all things. After a couple of days of remote support, decided that instead of me getting parts, swapping out a logic board, print head, and me figuring out how to route the ribbon cable, or shipping mine in for repair, I went for the refurbished unit.

I mentioned that I was using my personal GF to teach a Design class at my high school, and I really, really was hoping I’d have it in hand by Thanksgiving, so I could cut a whole bunch of stuff over break, so the students could finish their projects and present something before winter break. 14 days to get it, although often earlier - it arrived in 5 days.

And refurbish - the unit looks brand new to me - like made, basic testing, and shipped out. I wiped down my dirty crumb tray before putting it in.

I am so happy! Already did a calibration run and cut-out a prototype for 1 student in class (the same prototype the old GF died on).

Oh - and in between, I went to use a laser cutter at a local center that supports teachers and let’s those who are trained use their machine… it’d been almost 3 years since I had used that type of laser cutter before. Oh my god are we spoiled with using the GF GUI. WYSIWYG, auto-focus, tuned in parameters (I’ve got some nice burned draftboard and an hour of my life I would like back, because the focusing system on it is not intuitive, and I got it wrong this time, even though I’d done it over 50 times before, but a while ago).

So big thanks to Ivan and Shea from the GF support team for getting me and my class up and running again. And to everyone at GF for making such a wonderful machine!


It’s terrific to hear good news and success stories. It doesn’t happen often enough. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


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